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Welcome!Welcome to Paws Before The Bridge™ Living Tree Pet Memorials

"Paws Before The Bridge™'s" tree planting program will sustain life in other ways: with every tree planted, a portion of the proceeds goes to research into finding treatments and cures of diseases affecting our pets, disease prevention through genetic testing and to various charitable organizations promoting animal welfare. We are linked to a vast network of groups that are dedicated to ending animal cruelty, neglect, abuse and overpopulation. We believe no pet should be homeless.

Planting trees in memory of a beloved pet is a beautiful way to express your sympathy, and a respectful way to comfort friends or family in their time of sorrow. A memorial tree is a living tribute to the love shared with a faithful companion.

Trees provide a habitat for wildlife; they shelter herbs and vegetation used to heal mankind. One of every four pharmaceutical products used in the U.S. comes from trees and the plants that grow around them. Trees prevent soil erosion, they recharge the ground water, and by absorbing carbon dioxide, they purify the very air we need to breath-we could not exist without trees.

All of us at Paws Before The Bridge™ care deeply about the quality of life of your pets while they are here, as well as after they have left their paw prints in our hearts and on this earth.

Packages start at $29.99, and all packages include a tree plus 3 heartfelt tokens of remembrance:

Map Live Tree Certificate Card Letter

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